Guided Imagery Meditation

Guided Imagery Meditation (very long.. story and instruction)
One night after I went to bed, I randomly picked up a book to look at while waiting to see if sleepiness would come. The book was one by Dr. Andrew Weil, of which I have several and have had these books for quite a while. I often do this… select a book at random, open it anywhere, or thumb through it until something catches my eye. And something did.
Dr. Weil wrote about his wife, who was pregnant with her fourth child, and she always had painful backaches in her last two months of pregnancy. This caught my eye, as I have terrible backaches that make it difficult to stand for too long… I always thought it was related to my bad leg injured in a car accident 17 years ago. (Now 33 years ago)
Dr. Weil said that he and his wife met up with a friend of a friend who was an expert at guided meditation, and she asked Mrs. Weil if she would like her to help with her back problem. Mrs. Weil insisted that it was a disk problem, and meditation wasn’t going to fix a mechanical problem. She then asked if she would like to “talk” to her unborn baby. Mrs. Weil said, yes. I believe her name was Sally, who helped Mrs. Weil through relaxing exercises and guided imagery to a light form of hypnosis. She led to a “safe” place in her subconscious. And then Sally invited her to go to the spot in her body where the baby was. What did she want to ask her? Mrs. Weil wanted to ask the baby if she would come on time so that the baby’s father (Dr. Weil) could be present as he left to go out of the country just a few days after her due date. She also asked the baby to please make the labor short and the delivery quick. Sally asked her, ‘what did the baby say?’ Mrs. Weil was startled and said, “she said she would.” 8 weeks later, a baby girl was born right on her due date, and the birth only took two hours. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t think so. After the conversation with her baby, Sally asked Mrs. Weil if she was ready to work on her back pain. This is when I really got interested.
Because Mrs. Weil was still in her subconscious safe place, Sally instructed her to visit the part of her body where her pain was. What did she see, Sally asked her? Mrs. Weil said, ‘there is a large black spot.’
Sally told her to talk to the spot. What do you need? A voice/feeling/intuition told her… “warm moist towels.” “Will you go away?” The pain answered, yes. Mrs. Weil was amazed… she said she always used cold packs on her back. She promised she would use the warm towels, and suddenly her pain disappeared and didn’t return for the rest of her pregnancy. There were more stories about this, but that’s all I had to read. I knew I had to try to this out for myself.
I’ve had this kind of meditation often in hypnosis sessions and in my guided meditation class. I use this with my family for various things. I will now be using it when I work with Reiki and crystals.
Anyway, I’ve been doing meditation long enough that I can trance myself to alpha pretty quickly. So I did, and I immediately went to my lower back pain. I asked it, what do you want me to do? Without missing a beat, it said: “write.” This makes sense since my back pain is in the sacral 2nd chakra center of my body, which deals with emotions. Writing has been my favorite form of therapy since my daughter died. I guess it meant I was to do more of it (and actually finish something I’ve started). After promising that I would, I asked the pain if it would leave, and I immediately sensed that it would. And then it was gone… and it was gone all day!! The only other time I’ve had that was when I received my Reiki Attunement; my back pain was gone for three days. I suddenly had a huge understanding of what was happening.
As humans, our essence is soul/spirit/memories… these stay with us forever, even if we die and reincarnate, even thousands of times. But our bodies only last one lifetime, and a relatively short time. Most people believe that their body is a part of them when it is only a vehicle they reside in to have the human experience. But our bodies are really an entity all its own… it has an ancestral memory (our biological DNA) and is alive all on its own… even if we didn’t inhabit the body we have, another soul would. But the body would still have that genetic code from its parents and grandparents all the way back to time. Unfortunately, we don’t acknowledge this and tend to abuse our bodies in so many ways. One of the worst is not listening to it when it is trying to tell us something. Our body does want us to communicate with it. It wants to be acknowledged and understood, and respected. This doesn’t mean deprivation, but it does mean giving it what it wants and needs, which is different for each of us.
So, how do you tune into your body and hear what it is trying to tell you? With an effortless technique. If you already meditate, this will be pretty easy for you to do. If you are new to meditation, it will take a little practice. But don’t give up. The more you do it, the more you connect with your body’s communication center. At the very least, it will know that you are trying. You don’t believe me? Try it anyway, what do you have to lose?
Relaxation: Lie on your back on a bed or floor. Make sure you are wearing loose clothing or are covered with a blanket.
Start with your feet and work your way up…Relax your feet, toes, ankles. Visualize the color black, which is the color of grounding. Spend about 3 minutes on each area.
Relax your legs, knees, thighs, and hips. Visualize the color brown for direction.
Relax your lower torso; this is your base chakra. Visualize the color red for your foundation. This is where you will go if you have problems with the spine, bladder infections, reproductive organs, sexual problems, depression…
Relax your abdomen area, which is the sacral chakra. Visualize the color orange for your vital force. This is where you will go if you have grief problems, anxiety problems, low self-esteem, anger problems, or obsession with sex…
Relax your solar plexus area, which is the solar chakra. Visualize the color yellow for the ego. This is where you will go if you have problems with digestion, difficulty working with others, drug addictions…
Relax your chest area, which is the heart chakra. Relax your arms, hands, and fingers at the same time. This chakra has two colors so that you can visualize either green or pink. This is where you will go if you have problems with love and/or relationship problems, heart, lungs (such as asthma), immune system, manic depressive (bi-polar), problems with money….
Relax your throat area, which is the throat chakra. Visualize the color blue. This is where you will go if you have problems with your throat (sore throats, etc.), talking too much, not talking enough, communication problems of any kind, thyroid disorders, shyness…
Relax your head and face; your forehead is your third eye chakra. Visualize the color purple. This is where you will go if you have problems with spirituality, empathy, anything to do with the mind/brain, learning disorders, sleep problems. (This is where I went last, to find out why I couldn’t sleep. I discovered that my third eye was flooded with a bright sunshine yellow color. Once I ‘changed’ that color to purple, I went right to sleep).
Now, this is the hard part.. to do and to understand. Your 7th chakra is your crown chakra and is about 2 inches above the top of your head. This is where your soul/spirit/aura starts and surrounds your entire body. It’s the hardest chakra to open and cleanse. Don’t worry if you don’t totally understand it. But try to be “open-minded,” for that’s what an open crown chakra is. Visualize a white or gold light starting at the top of your head and swirling all around you from head to toe.
Rest for a minute or two, just visualizing the rainbow of colors encased in a white or gold bubble.
Now imagine yourself walking into a room, a room that feels so familiar and so comfortable that you feel you never want to leave. Think about what is in this room.. the colors, the furniture, the items that make you feel so at home. This is your safe place. Do you feel better being outside? Then notice that the room has a set of French doors that open up to the outside. What is out there? But before you go outside, notice a tall cabinet with lots of drawers and doors, all with locks. Place your concerns, fears, and worries in these drawers and lock them uptight. Nothing will harm you from this point on. Do this even if you plan to stay in your safe room. The Buddhists call this ‘compartmentalizing.’
Visualize/imagine whatever environment makes you the most comfortable. For me, it’s a beach with waves splashing to the shore. There is a green cabana type beach house and on the top is a Raven, my main spirit guide. He has white rings around his eyes and allows me to see amazing things through his eyes. Whenever I meditate or have hypnotherapy or astral project, Raven is with me.
In your safe place, what do you see? What do you hear? I hear the sound of waves rushing in and then flowing back out. What do you smell? I can smell the salty air. I can taste the salt in the air, too. What can you taste? What do you feel? Is the sandy beach like where I am? Establish your safe place. Give it a name if you like. Now, what does your intuition tell you? Use your imagination, which is actually just your intuition anyway.
Remember what your intuition/imagination is telling you.
Now, do you remember the different chakras? Take yourself there visually, depending on what area you need to go and what you need to fix. Tonight for me, it will be my foot so that I will address my foot chakra. I will thank my feet for taking me everywhere I need to go, for staying with me when the doctor wanted to amputate it. I will apologize for not paying attention to the signs it was sending me before. Then I will ask it what it wants and needs from me. I will promise to take care of the things it requests. I will then ask if the pain will now leave. And I will hope it will say yes. If it says no, I will know that I need to do what my feet need and then redo this meditation and learn what else needs to be done. With some very deep-rooted problems, you may need to repeat this several times. If my pain says, yes, it will leave, again, I will thank my feet for all that they do for me. But remember… if you don’t do what this part of the body needs to heal, your pain will return.
Again, the steps of this part are…* Acknowledge the part of the body that needs to be healed.

  • Thank that part for all that it does for you.
  • Apologize
  • Ask what it needs
  • Promise to make amends and take of what needs to be healed
  • Ask the pain if it will leave
  • Say thank you again
    Allow yourself to rest for a few minutes and then one by one, starting at the top of your head, close the chakras.. simply by visualizing a door closing.
    Your meditation is finished. Remember, your safe place will always be there just as you left it any time you need it. You can even go there in your mind without going through the meditation process. Any time you feel scared, anxious, or threatened, allow your mind to go to your safe place.
    Oh, and those worries, fears, and concerns? You can leave there in that cabinet if you wish. No one will bother them, and they will never get lost, and you won’t have to carry them around with you.
    While this meditation’s basic idea came from several different sources, the meditation itself is my own. If you forward this on to others, please give me credit as the author. I’ve learned that is part of my problem; I haven’t been taking credit for much of the writing I’ve done.
    Blessings, and I hope for a successful outcome of this meditation for you…
    Written Epona’Bri/Annwynbri/Cindi
    August 2004

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