Thanksgiving Blessing Written by an Atheist

There is so much to be thankful for each day.

Today we take the time to pause and acknowledge this special season of harvest and its traditions of sharing with those less fortunate.

We take time to notice the labor of others, from farm to table, that culminates in this feast.

Today we pause to recognize how fortunate we are and to be grateful for the bounty we share with friends, family and loved ones, be they with us or far away.

We take pause to celebrate that we each can and do make meaning for our own lives; by the deeds we do, to make the world a better and a more humane home for all. Every day offers us the opportunity to make a difference not just in our own lives but in the lives of others. We offer our hands our minds and our hearts to help all those who seek to make the world a better place.

Today we take time to rejoice not just with the food we share but also the give and take of love and compassion that we experience each day.

We are Thankful to each of you for being here to share today with us.

Things I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving 2020

The fact that I don’t have Covid 19: I try to stay at home as much as possible, but when I do go out, which is rare, I also wear a mask. I just got two new ones with Christmas designs.

Stylish and fashionable masks so that I are less likely to get Covid 19

A warm, comfortable and safe warm to shelter in, to avoid the pandemic

My new zero-gravity massage chair. With each new feature that I’m learning to use, I like it more and more every day. I love the zero-gravity feature; it gets my feet up higher than my heart, which all of the caregivers have been hounding me to do. It has Bluetooth and I can pipe in music from one of my playlists, audible books, podcasts, or guided meditation from

For my cell phone and laptop, it’s nice to know that I have backups in case my desktop crashes.

My computer, laptop, and cell phone that allows me to stay in touch with others. I downloaded VPN, which makes my cell phone work better. I still need to get wifi to make it work even better.

Learning how to use the Bluetooth feature on my phone.Finding dozens of new-to-me podcasts to listen to while I’m using my zero-gravity massage chair with my feet up higher than my heart.

Decorating the Christmas tree for the first time in several years.

Putting up Christmas decorations early. I never thought I would say that. I bought some new things this year, which makes it even more exciting. I ordered some beautiful things from JoAnn’s Fabrics, I was thrilled to learn they did mail-order, and I got a white-feathered owl with silver trim and a set of glittery white polar bears (mama and three babies). I ordered 6 battery operated candles that are also solar-powered, they come on when it gets dark and go off when it gets light, so these will be helpful with power outages. Right now, the candles are in the windows in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. I ordered a set of red Christmas balls that remind me of the ones my mother had on our family trees each year, some white snowflakes, a set of gnome ornaments, and silver tinsel. They all should go well with my red, gold, and silver ball ornaments, and my snowman, reindeer, and Santa Claus ornaments. Oh, and I found a pompom Santa Claus with crocheted spiral legs that I made 35 years ago. I was afraid I had thrown him away so I was happy to find him again. And a snowman wreath that I made during the same time frame. I plan to “renovate” that and remove the old ribbon and replace it with black and white snowflake printed ribbon.

The Gabapentin medication is finally working for the peripheral neuropathy, and I’m having less pain and needed less medication.

I see the RA doctor on December 28th, so that’s hopeful for my knees.

Cheetos-flavored popcorn. Just opening the bag and the scent of the popcorn makes me feel I’m in a movie theater.

Assorted kinds and flavors of tea that I can drink based on my mood; honey lavender, tangerine, Hibiscus, and orange pekoe, which reminds me of my grandmother.

Mashed potatoes and gravy for Thanksgiving dinner.

My little fuzzy soft heated blanket throws. I love these so much that I have two… one for the bed and one for my chair, and just ordered a third to use on the massage chair.

I hit my goal of 50,000 words on my National Novel Writing Month book… I have created a book cover and donated to the program. I still have a long way to go before the book is actually finished. But this is one I may actually get done.

My family history, family photos, and my family memories. I’m so happy that I have all those photos to remember those no longer here, like my grandmother, my mom, and my daughter.

Community light displays and decorations that help to cheer me up.

New Clothes. I haven’t bought new clothes for several years. I bought my day jammies, a long pink ombre dyed skirt and a white denim jacket.

Biden and Harris won the election and they can start to correct some of the damage that Trump did. I know he won’t be going away and will still be trying to cause more problems for a while yet.

The fact that it’s now the 11th month of the year so 2020 is almost over. But I also know all our troubles won’t magically disappear on Jan 1st, or even Jan 20th. Trump and his followers will still be pushing their conspiracy theories. While a vaccine is on the horizon, it won’t be available to everyone immediately. Plus the anti-vaxxer’s, anti-maskers, and conservatives will refuse to get it. So social distancing and mask-wearing will continue through 2021 and maybe longer. I’m just thankful that most of us are smart enough to trust the doctors and scientists and do the things we need to do. So in the meantime, I will buy new masks and wear them to do my part.

TMI Tuesday: Sex (Repost from November 19, 2019)

1. Your lover loooves to talk during sex. What is it you want to hear them say?

Although I consider myself a strong and controlling person, and a feminist, when it comes to dirty talk in the bedroom (or on the floor), I am submissive who wants to be controlled. Being called ‘my slut’ or ‘my whore’ gets me hotter. Being told that I must ask for permission to do anything will ensure a very strong orgasm for me.

2. You have been offered a posh, all-expenses paid voyage upon Richie Riches opulent yacht to a sunny tropical island. Only thing is you must sit on deck naked–sunning, sipping your favorite drink and eating your favorite foods. Would you do it…take the fantastic voyage naked? Don’t forget to wave to all the other boats and passersby.

Are you kidding? In a heartbeat!! I would be naked all the time if I thought I could get away with it. Getting a paid vacation with good food, lying in the sun, people watching… OMG, can’t get much better than that!! When do we leave???

3. If you worked in human resources and two equally qualified applicants were up for a position in the company but one of them listed, on their resume, Stripper as a past job would you hire that person?

Of course I would. I’m so tired of people who engage in any kind of sex work as thought of as second class citizens. Judging people based on sex is ridiculous! Sex is something that at least 90% of the population either engage in or at least think about. It’s everywhere… in TV and magazine advertisements, in popular songs, in books and movies. It’s a part of life!! We need to get over the idea that it’s a sin, that’s evil and no one should do it. Same with nudity.

4. Is your dating game high-tech or low-tech?

What dating life? Right now it’s non-existent.

5. What’s the most disappointing text you’ve received? You can give us the context or just the text.

Can’t think of one.

Bonus: Give us your best advice for boosting someone’s sex drive.

Well, since you asked… here are a few ideas that I found worked for me!

  1. Attitude. If you think you can, you will. If you expect that your sex life will end when you “get old” (whatever age that is; for some it’s 60, for some it’s 30), then it probably will and no wonder you dread it.
  2. Think young. Play. Listen to the music you grew up with. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Tell dirty jokes. Shock people. Say “Fuck” a lot.
  3. Watch out for drugs and medications. Based on my experience, the things I’ve read, talking to my doctor and my friends, medications is the number reason why people lose their sex drive and for older people it’s even worse. For some reason doctors believe that being on drugs will prevent bad things from happening. But it’s just the opposite. I know in some instances drugs are an evil necessity. But drugs have side effects. All of them do. There is no such thing as a safe drug. And too many doctors are like drug pushers. If a drug has a side effect that causes problems, they give you another drug to deal with that side effect, which causes another side effect, which means they want to give you another drug and it becomes a vicious cycle. Everything that the doctors said would happen to me after I stopped taking all of the drugs they insisted I needed, never happened. In fact, I am healthier now than I was when I was in my 40’s. One of my biggest regrets is that it took me so long to realize this.
  4. Do your own research about medications to see if you really need them or if the pharmaceutical companies are just trying to make money off of you. Often you don’t need them at all or there are alternatives that you can use or do instead.
  5. Start moving around again, if you don’t already. After years of doing nothing because I was curled up in pain, I am starting to workout again. I’m already seeing more energy and flexibility which is helping my sex life.
  6. Think about sex, talk about sex, read about sex, sext with others, look at pictures of sex (yes, there is nothing wrong with that at all), take “matters” in your own hands (nothing wrong with that either). If you wait until you hop (or crawl) into bed to try to get into the mood, chances are it ain’t going to happen. I also make a habit of posting dirty jokes to my Facebook friends, which delights my grandchildren. Yeah, they know that grandma has a dirty mind and a foul mouth, but they also know that grandma has hair down to her ass, wears rings on all of her fingers, sings along with Def Leppard and the Eagles and Metallica at the top of her lungs and isn’t just sitting in a rocking chair waiting to die.
  7. Question your religious teachings. I mean seriously, don’t just buy into them because that’s the way you raised and have been told “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. At this age, you should have enough knowledge and experience to look at those teachings more objectively. And if you don’t, get more of both. The damage that religion (of all kinds) has done about sex education, masturbation, sexual positions, and sexual desire is so extensive. You can still believe and practice your religion without being made to feel guilty and shameful for a human condition that is perfectly natural.
  8. Lastly, enjoy life.. In whatever way that means to you. Open your mind. Be accepting and try to not judge others. Just because something isn’t your cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Try new things, make new friends, go new places, reexamine your beliefs and ideas, learn new lessons and if this includes having sex at every opportunity, no matter what your age, then jump on it, baby!!! And for those who are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s… don’t blink, because you will be us sooner than you think.

Recipe of the Day: Scalloped Oysters

My grandmother made this every Thanksgiving… Apparently it was a traditional Cook Family recipe. While I wouldn’t eat it, I can still appreciate the history behind it.

Scalloped Oysters

2 8-ounce cans oysters, drained, reserving liquor
3 cups roughly crushed saltine crackers
3/4 cup melted butter
1/4 cup reserved oyster liquor
3/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon salt (more or less, according to taste)
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place melted butter in large bowl. Add crackers and mix together. Place a third of this mixture in bottom of a greased 1 1/2-quart baking dish, top with half the oysters (one can), sprinkle with pepper if desired. Then add another third of cracker mixture, the rest of the oysters (second can), pepper and remaining cracker mixture.
Mix liquor, milk and seasonings together and pour over crackers and oysters. Bake for about 40 minutes or until golden brown on top. Serves 4.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Memory?

The year that four generations of our family descended on a snowy town in Montana will always be my favorite Thanksgiving memory. Most of the family was there, with just a few exceptions. Three of the five siblings had come home to their father’s house and I don’t think he ever recovered from the experience.

Because most of us came from out of town, it was up to two of the family to find beds to put everyone, including 6 adults and 9 kids. A few other family members decided to stay at a hotel, which probably was the wisest choice. The other brother and his wife and their 5 kids already lived in town.

What was the most astonishing part of all of this was the amount of food and the variety that ended up on the table.

An illustration by Douglass Crockwell from a promotional calendar. — Image by © Blue Lantern Studio/Corbis

A turkey, a ham, various kinds of potatoes including mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and baked yams; lot of vegetables, especially the green bean casserole demanded by the cousins, carrots, peas, creamed corn; lots of salads of all kinds, rolls, pickles and olives and an assortment of other pickled vegetables and an amazing array of desserts, the most unusual from my perspective was green tomato pie, that sat in a place of honor with the pumpkin, pecan, apple, mincemeat, and a huckleberry pie. Everyone pitched in to prepare and cook the entire meal and the men surprised everyone by doing the dishes.

With all of these people, especially kids, keeping everyone entertained was also a problem that needed to be solved. No one was going to be satisfied with just sitting around.

We came up with craft projects for the kids, taught everyone how to line dance, watched holiday movies, devised games like a turkey shoot (paper bags stuffed with newspaper and made to look like turkeys and then knocked over with bean bags), long walks in the snow, but the highlight must have been the family football game in the front yard.

This only happened once. We did get together one other time, but in  a much smaller group. 

But nothing could match that one year when most of the family got together to give thanks for being a family.

TMI Tuesday: November 24, 2020: Body Talk

“Three Women” by Picaso

1. Which part of your body do you think is the most sexy? Post a pic if you dare.

My ass. It’s big. It’s round. It’s soft. No picture. I doubt I could get the whole thing in the viewfinder.

2. Which part of your partner’s body do you find the most sexy. Tell us about the time you first saw it.

I melt from seeing men’s forearms. I know, kind of strange.

3. Are you a fan of lingerie on yourself? Or on someone else?

I like the look of lingerie. I just don’t like wearing it myself.

4. “Fifty Shades of Grey”–  Work of genius or complete twaddle?

I’m probably one of the few people who liked these books. I wouldn’t call them genius, but I am impressed that she could take fanfic that was only online and turn it into a best seller. When people criticize the books, I ask them how many million-dollar sales have they made on their own books? I enjoyed the fact that EL James was able to add comic relief in the midst of the sexual drama. And remember, these books were never meant to be a primer for BDSM and kink. That all was the background of the book. The focus was on two imperfect people who were trying to connect on a physical and emotional level. Now I await getting slammed for liking these books. By the way, I read them three times. I’ve noticed that the people who often slam me for saying that, have never actually read the books. Same with Harry Potter and Twilight. Another note. I first read Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight because both take place in my own backyard and both authors did a pretty good job in researching the area. Not perfect, of course, but some writers who live in the Seattle area get some things wrong too. PS. Just because you didn’t like the content of a book, the storyline, the characters, the setting, it doesn’t mean it was a bad book. It’s just not your cup of tea.

5. Would you rather listen to a sexy voice telling you what is happening or watch a sex scene on mute?

Tough choice. I am very visual so I’d love to watch it on mute, but I also learn and remember better when I hear something.

Bonus: Tell us about a time you experimented with a fantasy and it did not go according to plan.

I’m still waiting for that to happen!!!


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