Fall Cinnamon and Spice Ornaments

Makes 32 two-inch wonderful smelling ornaments.
Do not eat! Not for internal use.

1 cup ground cinnamon
1 Tablespoon ground cloves
1 Tablespoon ground nutmeg
1 Tablespoon ground ginger
¼ teaspoon ground coriander (if available)
¼ teaspoon ground anise (if available)
3/4 cup applesauce, drained
2 Tablespoons white (Elmer’s-type) glue
rolling pin

In a medium bowl, combine spices. Add the applesauce and the glue.
Stir to combine. Work the mixture with your hands for 2-3 minutes or until
the dough is smooth and the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Divide into four equal portions.
On a lightly floured board, roll each portion to 1/4 inch thickness.
Cut dough with floured cookie cutters. (Make holes in the top to thread
ribbon or raffia if you want to use them as hanging ornaments.)
Place cutouts on wire racks and allow them to dry at room temperature for several days. (For a more uniform drying process, turn ornaments over once daily.)
For even more cinnamon and spice scents, make a spray with water and
essential oils and lightly mist the ornaments throughout the holiday to

~ Author Unknown


2 glow-in-the-dark-sticks
1 large pumpkin (abundance)
1 heat-resistant punch bowl that will fit inside the pumpkin (cauldron of

Hollow out pumpkin, and carve a design in it. Place punch bowl inside
pumpkin. Right before the party begins, activate the glow-in-the-dark-sticks
per package instructions and place between pumpkin shell and bowl. Add
enchanted Witches’ brew!

Halloween Decorating

Inside decorations can be as easy or as detailed as you want. They range from cute to glam to scary.

Orange and white pumpkins and red, green and yellow apples in wooden or glass bowls or a cauldron of apples

A candy dish of candy corn, chains made of black and white beads or paper loops and Halloween lights in orange, green and purple.

Lots of black, white, orange, purple, green, and gold candles to brighten up dark days and evenings

Decorate you couch, chairs, bed, floor with lots of fun Halloween theme pillows.

    Spiders and lace transform a blank wall into a spooky backdrop. Frame a cotton doily and a plastic spider to honor Halloween’s creepiest crawlies.
    What You’ll Need: Cotton doilies ($10 for 4, Amazon)

    Recipe of the Day: Grilled Tuna and Cheese Sandwiches


    In the mid 1970’s, I worked as a long distance telephone operator in Seattle and worked out of the 4th Avenue office. Across the street was The Hungerford Hotel and they had a lounge that was one of the first places to get the Pong computer game. We would go over there for lunch, play pong and have a beer (or two) and grilled tuna and cheese sandwiches and then go back to try to work.


    Lovely memories.


    Grilled Tuna and Cheese Sandwiches

    Mix a can of drained tuna fish with chopped celery, onion and dill pickles and mayo to taste. Spread slices of bread (any kind) with tuna fish and then top with cheese slices (any kind).

    Grill in oven until one side is toasted and then turn until other side is toasted and cheese is melted.

    Option: butter both sides of sandwich and pan-grill until both sides is toasted and cheese is melted.

    Option: use mayo instead of butter on both sides to grill the sandwich.

    Questions from Quora: Playtime

    Why won’t my neighbor allow her kids to come over inside our home to play with my kids but I allow mine to go inside their house? These kids have been friends now for well over a year.

    Since I don’t know your neighbor, all I can do is guess at some reasons.

    Maybe they are overprotective

    Maybe they have trust issues

    Maybe they are afraid you have guns in your house

    Maybe they don’t like you but do like your children.

    Maybe one of the parents is a control freak.

    Maybe they are afraid their child will make a mess at your house or break something.

    The only way to know for sure is to ask them. Granted, they might not want to talk to you, but at least you tried.

    Invite the mother over for tea or coffee when the kids are at school and invite her children over for a supervised play date. Invite her to come as well. If she declines, ask her if she could explain why… did you do something to offend her? You might get some answers that way.


    Repost of TMI Tuesday: June 30, 2020: Robots and Love

    combat figure fingers gear
    Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

    1. Should we be worried about sex robots?

    I have been fascinated about robots for years. I even use to run a yahoo email group about robots. I’m not worried about them as sex partners at all. I feel for a lot of people it will be a needed tool to keep them sexually active. People always proclaim: “What about the human interaction? They will be missing out on that!!” Well, guess what, there are people who are already missing out on human interaction for one reason or another. Should they be further penalized because they have limits and are unable to relate to another human being? There are those who are physically disabled and usually are over looked as sex partners by able bodied people. They have as strong sexual desires as anyone else and they might easily choose to have sex robot to fulfill their desires. Then there are those who just have a hard time relating to other people. Robots will be a part of our lives more and more all the time. It doesn’t have to be something we are afraid of. 

    2. A humanoid (a life-like robot) that looks like your biggest crush, and acts exactly the way you hoped your crush would act has been created. This humanoid initiates sex, with you. Would you have sex with the humanoid?

    Of course, I would need more information about this humanoid robot, see it, talk to it, find out it’s prime objective. But I would have no problem having sex with a robot. I would see it as just another tool in my sexual repertoire, much like my Hitachi vibrator.

    3. What’s your typical sleep attire?

    I sleep completely naked. I hate getting twisted and tied up in nightgowns.

    4. What is the most cringe-worthy thing you have experienced in the bedroom?

    I am almost reluctant to say this as I know other people’s fetishes provide something they need, but at the time this was a total turn off for me. It was a one night stand (don’t judge, this was the 70’s) and the guy just wanted me to watch while he masturbated while wearing women’s red lace panties. I would say he just had the wrong partner for this. It bugged me that he assumed all women would get off on this.

    5. Are you satisfied with the amount of after-sex affection (e.g., spooning, cuddling, intimate conversation) you receive? yes or no . If no, how could it be better?

    In general, no. Two areas that most men (no, not all) fail in, are foreplay and after sex. Foreplay doesn’t mean just after you get naked and into bed. Foreplay starts long before which includes suggestions, ideas, teasing, anticipation… talking about it long before it happens, texting, sexting, sexing phone calls through out the day until you finally can get together physically. And then after it’s like once it’s over for him, it’s over for everyone. I have lost count as to how many men came, pulled out, rolled over and went to sleep. In almost all cases I never had an orgasm. A smart man will make sure his partner has had an orgasm before he does… one guy told me his motto was “ladies come first” and he lived up to that. And after sex, cuddling is appreciated, talking to me like I’m still there is VERY appreciated. Otherwise you end up feeling like nothing more important than a sex toy.

    Bonus: What is your most useless skill?

    I can name that tune and artist after just about 6 notes. Not sure when that will ever come in handy.


    Something That Worries Me: Divided We Fall

    I am a big fan of two things in life… learning and sharing.

    Education can come in many different forms… from formal education in a classroom to reading a variety of books from a library. It’s asking questions and listening and asking more questions. It’s looking for new viewpoints.

    The other; sharing… volunteering to help others, to donate funds and items that helps others, lending a hand to those who need to help.

    I’m listening to and reading online comments from people who claim to be followers of a teacher who is said to encourage these two ideas but they are doing anything but.

    One woman who screamed at others that she will teach her grandchildren to hate “you people”. Family members who talk about others as nothing more than objects. Those who refuse to do one simple thing, like wear a face mask, that could help keep others from getting sick.

    I’ve always known that the world was full of selfish, narrow minded people who didn’t care for anyone else but themselves. The fear and guilt they promoted has always been there. But it seems it’s more overt, in your face right now. It’s as if the racist squatter who took over the White House for four years, had given them all permission to be angry and hateful and make sure we all know exactly how they feel. Too much of this hate is becoming action meant to send messages of fear to the rest of the country, and the world.

    They are not happy that “the others” that they fear and hate are now pushing back. Women with the #MeToo movement, The Pride movements, Black Lives Matter, are three of the largest.

    But smaller, quieter ones are also pushing back… older people, fat people, disabled people and non-Christians.

    And this last one is one that is usually fueling the strong anger and hate that infect the others…. Conservative Christians are the only group who has the majority and then tries to force fear and guilt because they don’t have a monopoly.

    It’s the white, straight, rich, Christian males who guide the rest of the problems. They hate BIPOC. They hate LGBTQ. They fear strong women and only want young obedient submissive Christian women who have enough sense to stay at home and raise babies like they were designed to do. They hate and fear the poor. They hate non-Christians; Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Atheists and even some that self identify as Christian but the conservatives refuse to recognize them as such.

    This group also dislikes, if not right out hates, and fears education and helping others. Republicans have for generations insisted that people stand on their own two feet and not expect government aid. Conservatives encourage early marriage so that young people can’t get too smart, especially young women, as well as having babies early, and many. If they have to have education, they insist it has to be “Christian” education, which isn’t really education. It’s indoctrination.

    They don’t learn or know the history of our country, or even of their own religion. They encourage ignorance on both, because “poorly educate” people are easier to control and manage. If young brides are always pregnant, they couldn’t get the education, they needed to get a good job, and the young fathers had too many mouths to feed to go to college.

    So what am I worried about?

    I’m worried that conservatives have infiltrated politics at such a rate that it might be hard to turn it around. This is not by accident, this is by design, and has been the goal since the 1950’s when they forced “under God” to be added to the Pledge of Allegiance and on the dollar bill. Both of those were intended to force god onto everyone whether they wanted it or not.

    The goal of electing Donald Trump was a simple one. To get conservative judges on the Supreme Court so that they will overturn Roe Vs Wade and outlaw abortions. Now that they have accomplished that, the next goals of repealing the amendments that give “others” the rights we have… women’s rights, civil rights, gay rights. They would love to take us back to the 1920’s when women, black people and gay people are all second class citizens and have no rights to speak out, to object and to vote. The only ones who would have these rights would be them… white, straight, rich, Christian males. Back to the days when the only ones who could run for office and vote were white straight Christian men who were land owners.

    And if you think I’m overreacting, just look at how way too many people reacted to the Covid 19 coronavirus in this country.

    Instead of listening to the experts and learning about the virus and about how to keep from getting it, and more importantly how to help others from getting it, they only thought about themselves. They didn’t care if anyone else got sick and died. As long as it wasn’t them. They wanted to go to the beach. They wanted to get a haircut. They didn’t want to wear a mask.

    Education and helping others.

    Learning and sharing.

    These are choices and it’s amazing, it’s appalling, how many people don’t want to do either one.

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