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Derek Chauvin found guilty of all three charges in the murder of George Floyd

“A Minnesota jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty Tuesday on charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the May 2020 killing of George Floyd. Jurors announced their final verdict after approximately 10 hours of deliberation. Sentencing will take place in eight weeks and Chauvin will be held without bail until that time.”

Katie S. Phang@KatiePhang
REMINDER: The remaining officers (Lane, Thao, and Kueng) charged in the death of George Floyd, will be tried together on August 23.

Vox Populi Resists@vox_n_thecosmos
Justice is done. Let’s make sure this is only the BEGINNING. We shall not tolerate murderers masquerading as public servants whose job is to protect & serve.

Per AP style: Replace the “the death of George Floyd” with “the murder of George Floyd” effective immediately

One tiny step for marginalized communities, but a step in the right direction.

K. Travis Ballie@KTravisBallie
George Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross, just said it best on national television. We have reparations to make, older police murder cases should be re-opened. We need to hold more murderers accountable.

Darnella Frazier was a 17-year-old taking her little cousin for snacks – but then she had the courage to film the murder of #georgefloyd. May we always be grateful for the innocent bystanders of the world who stand up for what’s right no matter how helpless or scared they feel.

Obi-Wan Kenobi #BlackLivesMatter @obk623
This is what happens when we elect people with empathy and humanity It feels good to see a @POTUS & @VP who REALLY care about Americans Who care about #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Who care about #PoliceReformNow#GeorgeFloydJusticeInPolicingAct#Chauvin is GUILTY #BlackLivesMatter

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Ben Crump@AttorneyCrump · 44m

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President Biden and VP Harris call the Floyd family after the GUILTY verdict! Thank you @POTUS & @VP for your support! We hope that we can count on you for the police reform we NEED in America!

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Black Teen Fatally Shot by Tennessee Police. Initial Reports Says He Shot Officer, Later Says Bullet Did Not Come From Teen’s Gun

“Right now is a difficult time for Black America. Last summer, we saw a massive wave of Black Lives Matter protests across the nation and an equally massive spotlight on systemic racism in policing—we called it a racial awakening.

Then, in the midst of a nationally televised trial over the Black death that arguably sparked said “racial awakening,” Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo were killed by police and we were all given a reminder that blue America is still the same blue America it was pre-2020.

My point is, we don’t trust cops and, at this point, any situation where a Black person is killed by police—whether the victim was armed or not—is going to at least raise an eyebrow or two, especially if there are any inconsistencies in what law enforcement officials report to the public (like there have been in Adam’s case for example.)

Last Monday, 17-year-old Anthony J. Thompson Jr., a Black student at Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tenn., was shot and killed by police officers in a restroom at his school after police responded to a call about a “possibly armed” student.

Apparently, Anthony, who was shot twice by police, was armed, but the initial report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation stated that he was killed after he fired his gun at officers—which now appears to be untrue. According to the Times, on Wednesday, the bureau clarified in a statement that the student’s gun went off during a struggle with officers, but “Preliminary examinations indicate the bullet that struck the KPD officer was not fired from the student’s handgun.”

Blood Clots

Six people had developed blood clots after receiving the Johnson and Johnson Covid 19 vaccination. Because of that, they pulled out of the race to help vaccinate Americans. People are freaking about the possibility of getting blood clots if they get a shot in the arm. That’s six people out of 72 million.

Know what else causes blood clots?

Being bed-ridden

Being in a car accident

Getting chemotherapy for cancer

Sitting with your legs crossed too much

Getting Covid 19

Before you freak out about this news, look at the big picture.

66 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

1. Say it with flowers (have flowers delivered, flowers from your own garden, flower seeds)
2. Nourish (cookies, a casserole, take out)
3. Create memories (journal, photos, scrapbook)
4. Express your love (letters, candy, flowers)
5. Speak up
6. Be corny (leave notes for your kids ~ ‘I love you’ or ‘Ha, ha, you’re in school and I’m not.’)
7. Do something unexpected
8. Bake an extra batch
9. Listen
10. Encourage sharing
11. Smile
12. Babysit
13. Do for those who can’t
14. Use snail mail (An old-fashioned card or letter really makes someone’s day)
15. Flatter
16. Be Sappy
17. Heal
18. Break convention (send a card, pictures, newspaper clippings, just ‘because’)
19. Give light (make or buy candles for people)
20. Wave
21. Lend a hand
22. Offer an unexpected treat
23. Share a story
24. Close the distance (call or e-mail)
25. Spare a dime
26. Mend a broken heart
27. Pamper
28. Present a pick-me-up
29. Celebrate
30. Be there
31. Joke where it’s least expected
32. Straighten up
33. Break the so-called rules
34. Mix up some music (make mix tapes for friends; include songs with a special theme)
35. Call just because
36. Reconnect
37. Trust the smallest gestures
38. Show interest (tear out articles from magazines or newspapers that you think your friends and family will like)
39. Check in
40. Hold a door
41. Say thanks
42. Say “we miss you”
43. Reminisce
44. Commend a job well done
45. Be grateful (create a daily journal for someone telling them why you are grateful they are in your life)
46. Sing a song
47. Be a friend
48. Spread goofiness
49. Say it with chocolate
50. Pay attention
51. Make ’em laugh
52. Initiate applause
53. Craft
54. Remember
55. Create
56. Satisfy a craving
57. Nurture on a whim
58. Come to the rescue
59. Be an angel
60. Send a good thought
61. Read aloud
62. Write a note
63. Keep in touch
64. Go one-on-one
65. Hug
66. Say “I love you”

“Religion” in School?

I am an Atheist, and I personally don’t want religion taught in schools. When they say religion, they mean Christianity, and when they say Christianity, they mean their own denomination. Considering how many different denominations there are, that leaves it open to definition, and most of them don’t agree with each other.

Even if you taught religion based on history only, you are looking at 12 major religions globally with 4,300 minor religions. If you taught only history and not beliefs, you still wouldn’t have time to teach any other subject. This is why those who go into religion as a vocation, study for 8-12 years after high school, and pretty much all those classes focus on only religion.

There is no logical reason for religion, the Bible and prayer to taught to kids at school, since the majority of children come from families who believe different things.

Christians don’t want to be forced to learn Islam, Judaism, Paganism, or science as a substitution for biblical teachings. Yet, they just don’t understand why Muslims, Jews, Pagans and Atheists don’t wish to be forced to learn Christianity. But the ironic thing is this: most Muslims, Jews, Pagans and Atheists know more about the bible and the history behind it than most Christians.

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VP Harris just threw down the gantlet to McConnell and said they are moving forward with the infrastructure bill. She said they will not take it slow and be obstructed just to get nowhere. Either you get on board or you miss the train… it’s not waiting for you… 

Ken G @kennethgootz

Republicans seem to have forgotten inciting an insurrection a little more than 100 days ago  The Lincoln Project @ProjectLincoln

There have been 109 days so far in 2021. And America has had 155 mass shootings. Jake Lobin @JakeLobin

The prosecutor’s final comments to the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin: You were told that Mr. Floyd died because his heart was too big, but “the truth of the matter is the reason George Floyd is dead is because Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small.”  Josh Campbell @joshscampbell

Derek Chauvin didn’t have to kill George Floyd. He chose to.  Jake Lobin @JakeLobin

If you can’t hold your breath for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, raise you’re hand. #DerekChauvinTrial    Dan @HStarshot

According to Fox News: Kyle Rittenhouse, 17-a boy, Donald Trump Jr., 43-a kid, Adam Toledo, 13-a man.    Hoodlum @NotHoodlum

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