Trumplican Fantasy World

Over the past five years, I’ve observed some basic truths of the mentality of conservative Christian Republicans.

While I have never been conservative, nor have I ever voted Republican, I once was a Christian in two very Evangelic churches. Looking back, I realized many of these belonged to the churchgoers I associated with, and maybe a few were even about me. I’m glad I have become educated and evolved and saw the errors of my ways.

Here is my list. You may or may not agree with it, as it is based on my own experiences and a whole lot of reading.

  • They are very gullible.
  • They are very obedient.
  • They are very racist.
  • They are homophobic and don’t believe in same-sex marriage.
  • They are distrustful of anyone who doesn’t think and believe as they do.
  • They never question anything they consider comes from God or their pastors. And recently, Donald Trump was added to the list.
  • They are sexist and believe that only men should run the world and business.
  • Women must remember their place.
  • They believe that prayer will get them whatever they need.
  • They are incredibly selfish. Social issues don’t matter to them until the subject affects them personally.
  • They believe that the Bible is the true word of God and is never wrong.
  • They distrust higher education. 
  • They tend not to read anything other than religious material and even very little of that.
  • They never question the church’s teachings. To do so is to lack faith.
  • They are required to witness to others, encourage their conversion to Christianity, and pray for them to do so.
  • They believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, Heaven, Hell, and the temptations of Satan.
  • They believe this life is just a test and that you should live the best life you can so you can go to heaven after death.
  • Children must be brought up in a strict Christian household where the father is the god-head of the family, the mother is the guidance, and the children are cheerful and obedient always.
  • No sex before marriage, which is why so many young people marry before they are even out of high school.
  • Rape and incest are their quiet, dirty little secret.
  • Way too many of them believe conspiracy theories, including QAnon.
  • Anyone who doesn’t follow these guidelines is shunned.

Looking back, I wondered why I lived by these rules for as long as I did. But like many people, I was searching for answers, and I thought church was the place to find them.

Fifteen years after I left the church, Donald Trump decided to run for president. He didn’t want the job; he just wanted the attention and the chance to cash in on opportunities. While Trump wasn’t all that interested in politics, despite the many nasty comments he made about politicians of both parties, he knew the Democrats wouldn’t accept him… we were too intelligent, liberal, and caring for that. He needed a party of gullible, obedient, and poorly educated people who shared his racist and homophobic beliefs. The Republican party was perfect for that.

And of course, the conservative Republics embraced Trump as one of their own because they hated Obama, a Liberal Democrat, well educated, and black.

They were ecstatic when Trump won in 2016, if not a little surprised. And they hung on his every word… most of which never made sense to the rest of us.

They believed what he said about everything, even when the facts showed otherwise.

When Covid hit, they trusted Trump when he said it was just a hoax and there was no need for masks or vaccines.

When Trump lost the 2020 election, they all vowed violence until Trump was reinstated to the presidency.

For the past eight months, the Trump supporters have said, “On this day (add the date), Donald Trump will be back in the White House after they proved that the election was a fraud.

The latest date was August 13th, which came and went without much notice. Except for the Internet, which had a hay day with memes to celebrate what didn’t happen.

And addition to this non-event, another one happened on August 12th, the Global Prayer Day to End Atheism. I guess it didn’t work since I’m still here.

I am posting the memes I’ve collected about both events.

Like the one article I’m linking to my post says… it “would be at least mildly (more) amusing if it weren’t so dangerous.” We all know how unhinged Trump’s followers are. They proved it at mass shootings on Trump’s behalf, at his rallies, storming various Capitol buildings, especially in Washington DC, Charlottesville, twisting evidence again Black Lives Matter rallies to blame black protesters that white racists did. His entire presidency, if you want to call it that, was filled with racist rants and violent encouragement. All because they chose to believe Donald Trump’s words.

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