Black Lives Matter

Because Facebook is really cracking down on free speech, they object to anything that is in the news, either about black kids being shot by police or about Covid 19. They prefer to have people who don’t follow the news and who don’t read. They only want the fluff.

So, while I haven’t posted a lot about politics and religion, that is going to change. For those who will continue to follow me, you might get really tired of my posts. I hope not.

But I’m fed up with Facebook and their conservative viewpoints. They seem to dislike all politics, all awareness of racism, any religion other than conservative Christianity, and sex of any kind, including rape awareness.


There was a man on Chris Cuomo tonight who was the head of the Chicago police union who kept saying the shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo was “justified”. If Adam had been white, would it have been justified? Would he even be shot? I can’t think of too many white boys with guns who were shot at, let alone killed, even after they had shot and killed others.

Then this man went on to blame gangs and then blame the school for not being in session. So kids get to choose between dying from guns or choosing to die from a pandemic.

I can understand his high emotion, which was clear, but he basically said several times… ‘we shoot first, and….’ And after they shoot the victim, then they render first aid. Why shoot first? Why can they use rubber bullets on protesters but not against someone they are chasing?

And why is it that it’s mostly American law enforcement who uses firearms and many other nations in the world don’t? We have many more gun deaths than anywhere else. There are some that are hard to stop. But gun deaths by police can be reduced. We just need to want to do it. And not glorifying guns. Or glamorizing police and military.

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