What Are Atheists Afraid Of?

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This was prompted by an article on Patheos :https://www.patheos.com/blogs/laughingindisbelief/2020/12/what-are-atheists-afraid-of/

I find it interesting that it’s usually Christians who have never studied or practiced anything other than Christianity (and have done very little studying of their own religion) who decide it’s up to them to determine what anyone is afraid of, especially Atheists. In their narrow minds, it must be a fear of the wrath of god. But you have to believe in the wrath of god in order to be afraid of it. Ask any Atheist what they are afraid of and you will get a wide range of answers, but anything to do with a deity of any kind is very unlikely to one of them.

So, what am I, as an Atheist, afraid of.

  1. Having more pain than I already do.
  2. Someone breaking into my house. This was triggered by my night terrors.
  3. Being touched. Okay, not really a fear, just more of a dislike. If I’m asked before being hugged, holding my hand, shaking my hand, etc, and I can give consent for it, then I’m okay. This is due to the sexual and emotional abuse I endured as a child.
  4. I’m afraid of my house burning down… another childhood trauma. My aunt’s house caught on fire when I was about three and my cousin grabbed me and my sister and carried us outside. My sister and I are both afraid of fire to this day.
  5. I’m afraid of the monsters that Donald Trump created in his followers, who find no problem with terrorizing and threatening others to get what they want.
  6. I’m afraid of getting Covid 19. So I stay home most of the time and the few times I venture out, I wear a mask and keep my distance.
  7. I am afraid of losing one more child. And I only have one left.
  8. Of Christians getting into politics just to be able to force others to their way of things; such as a ban on abortion or teaching creationism as a science in public schools.

I am not afraid of god. I am not afraid of dying, with or without a god. While I’ll be sad about leaving it all behind, I’m not afraid of it happening. I’m not afraid of not having being saved by Jesus. I tried all of that. For a very long time. I don’t believe in it. And just because others do, that doesn’t make it real.

So, while Christians assume that everyone is afraid of the same things they are, because, ya know, the whole world revolves around them and their beliefs, you will find that just isn’t true.

Most Atheists are former Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindis, Pagans and other religions. We’ve done that, been there. We understand what these religions are because we have lived it. Very few Christians can say the same thing. Even Atheists who grew up in Atheist households know about other religions because they either are taught about them or they take the time to learn about them. Which is something Christians never want to do. They don’t even want to acknowledge that other religions exist. In the 20 years since I left Christianity, I’ve yet to have one Christian ask me “what do you believe in, what is your belief system like?” They don’t want to know. They seem to be threatened by the idea of even hearing about it.

Don’t assume that just because you believe something in a certain way, that everyone else believes the same exact way.

Even among Atheists the beliefs will vary, just as they do for Pagans and even as they do for Christians (there are differences between Baptists, Catholics and Mormons, but all consider themselves Christians).

As this article stated:

“Atheists, of course, are not a monolithic group. Atheism is at its base simply a refusal of the statement God exists. The godless come in many shapes and sizes. Some of us believe in ghosts. Some believe that intelligent alien life visits Earth regularly. And some may believe in some reincarnation.”

Not much different, really, then Christians. Not all Christians believe in Hell or Satan, or that the bible if the literal word of god. When asked to describe “Christianity” you are likely to get 100 different answers, based on your age, locality and denomination of your church. Paganism and Atheism isn’t much different.

So, please don’t put your own fears in my head. I have enough of my own. And, no, it’s not god. It’s people that scare the hell out of me.

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